Let The Young Minds Think

by Breaking Ground

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released May 1, 2010



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Breaking Ground Belfair, Washington

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Track Name: Young Minds
One thousand blades of grass bend over in the wind. Trampled by the feet of those with life in hand and strangled by the ones who cloud our minds with lies, with no intention of letting the young minds think. Just let the young minds think. Just let the young birds sing. Like the pointed fingers of spineless bastards, stepping in the footprints of the men before them. Everyone that falls becomes one with the ground to create the wasteland of brain-dead slaves. The paper thin plot of every misguided being makes it clear that the end is near and the past is repeating. Twenty-Four hour news given clues to the lies around us. the only difference between you and me is my heart wont skip a beat. there 's a point in time when you choose your way. Rise to the top or be carried away by the "same old shit a different day." Don't live to get by, there are better ways. So look around and get a clue, the ones who look down are no better than you. Don't get confused by the shit they say. You still have a chance to live life a better way.
Track Name: Exhale Solutions
Don't bottle it up, don't trap it inside. I've learned to deal with these problems of mine. There is no use just letting it mount or you'll never know what life's about. You're wasting time if you think it's okay to complain about problems that wont go away. The only reason that they're still around is because you don't have the will to knock them out. 'I breathe in the problems, exhale solutions'. With every breath that I take I get one step closer to breaking the chain. You've got two bit problems and half a brain. The answers are clear yet the conflict remains. With all the time in the world you'll never get it all out so save your breath for the things that count. Day after day it becomes so routine. You run your mouth where you can't be seen. With nothing but the worst intentions, I can't stand your passive aggression. The lowest form of life I know are people with words with nowhere to go. Just for once I'd like to see one of you fucks stand up to me.
Track Name: Settle & Sacrifice
We won't be the gears in this fucked up machine. Oiled by tears, fueled by dreams. We won't stand still long enough for you to get a chance to disorient us. Who are you to draw the line between instincts and pride? Even a monkey in a suit is still a monkey inside. We're gonna rattle the cage of your first world life. just embrace the rage that's instilled within your mind. You name it, I got it. Every tool at my disposal. From my first, to this paper, to my voice, Darwin's my savior.